Friday, August 7, 2009

Mac favorites for july (i know its august but i just started this lol)

ok so currently my fav eye shadow from mac is BUCKWHEAT from the Naked Honey collection... LOVE IT.

Favorite Mac LipGlass: Spirited. its suuccch a gorgeous color its kinda like a pink/purple/brown/champagne ?..... idk how to explain it but its gorgeous... i took that picture with my phone so it looks like crap and the color is off. (im really not that white lol)

normally i only wear lipgloss and eye makeup. on special occasions ill go all out and wear foundation n what not. just ask n ill do a review and swatch lol.

my alllllll time favorite eyeshadow is all that glitters <333 love love love and my all time fav lipglass is Purrr. Favorite blush would deff be Coy Girl

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