Monday, September 27, 2010

I am So0o Thankful for my 103 followers that i will be hosting a GIVEAWAY

...... in the near future lol, A friend of mine actually makes the cutest little pieces of jewelery so she is going to be sending me a necklace or bracelet of some sort for my giveaway but she has been a tad busy lately so my give away date has been pushed back..Im not not sure what kind of piece she will be sending but i am super excited for you guys, the two cupcakes on the bottom are ones she made for my sisters a while back....but here are JUST a FEW pics of the types of jewelery she makes:


  1. LOL you can't tease us w/ ur friends jewelry!! Does she have a website?? I really like the lipstick one.


  2. hahah yes she does..

  3. the lipstick necklace is sooooooooo cute!!! does she have an online shop?