Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Makeup collection.

So I decided to take some pics of my collection because It seems to be big on here.. my collection is small compared to others i have seen on here... hope u enjoy ! and sorry these pics were taken with my phone so they aren't showing up true to color :-(

my vanity.. lipsticks,lipglasses,brushes,pigments

Mac Paint pots and shade sticks

Eyelash glue and mascara's

Mac holliday palettes and some eye shadows i havent depotted yet

liquid foundations, Mac blush's and beauty powders, eyelashes etc...

My Mac Palettes ...

My Mac Palettes... sorry these were taken with my phone so they arents showing up true to color :-(

my coastal scents 88 color palettes


  1. do u like the 88 palette? I just ordered my first one this week.

  2. I was just actually going to ask the same thing? Are they worth buying or are the ebay ones in your opinion better? Thanks ♥ xx

  3. I actually do like it!! But you really have to wear a paint pot with it or some type of primer... Because some of the colors are pretty light... But I am actually wearing a few colors from the warm palette today and I keep getting compliments. So its totally worth it. The colors are nice.

  4. I have the original one with bold colours and I find it great! It has amazing colour pay off...

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  5. I am loving your storage. Mine has gone tits up at the moment. And your bedroom looks super clean, another thing my bedroom isn't. Booo.

    I'm considering buying the coastal Scents palette. The colours are SO me. xx

  6. haha thanks. I have to keep it somewhat neat or i would probably freak out and my mom would have a heart attack lol

  7. thank you! I wish it could be more organized haha!

  8. Ok, I do not have the half of this and everybody tells me I have tooooooo much :D

    Like your things, the paletts are great !

    xoxo lala

    come and visit me

  9. lol sometimes i feel like i dont have enough!